‘Cult Crime Movies’ Offers Definitive List of Classic Crime Films


cover56946-medium (1)Cult Crime Movies, by writer Danny Peary, offers readers a definitive viewing list of Classic Crime cinema. The book contains 35 entries, all with a description of the film, a brief history and images from said film. This collection of course covers such amazing cinema classics as Sunset Boulevard and Taxi Driver, but it also includes a few favorites viewers may not of heard of such as Nightmare Alley and The Great Texas Dynamite Chase.

The book goes into great detail with descriptions of the films, as well as the actors who are included in the films. Cult Crime Movies is a great book for that film buff in your life who needs their next noir fix. This is definitely a great guide to offer up as a gift for your darker film watching friends and family.

Cult Crime Movies is available from Workman Press. Look for it on Amazon; on Powell’s


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