San Diego Comic Con: A Start to a Week of Gaming Exclusives


I, like thousands, flocked to San Diego Comic Con to join the masses in our love of fandoms. Perhaps you went to just camp out at Hall H, to buy exclusive Comic Con collectibles, or to stalk some of your favorite celebrities. I, on the other hand went purely to dive deeper into the secret gem that is the gaming area. Down the road, past three lights, and on your left stood The Hyatt that hosted three levels of gaming from all different spectrums.

When I first arrived I was shocked to see how excluded they were from the con. In past years the gaming area had been a part of the convention in the mezzanine area, but with recent construction everything had been shifted. I can understand the demand for more space, especially with the amount of gaming companies who showed up. However, there is a difference between creating more space as a section grows and pushing the game section into a corner. I felt the biggest let down was the lack of signs that could of helped create more traffic for the developers and demoers, as well as cut down the wandering of lost attendees. I lost count how many times people asked me where a certain area was or what was going on. Besides, those small let downs, I had a blast jumping from game to game and meeting amazing people.  Even though at times we felt isolated from the con, I LOVED being at The Hyatt.  The staff was decked out in their best super hero outfits, quickly accommodating any of the gamer’s needs.  The free gaming area on the fourth floor created an oasis of relaxation from the crazy and hectic convention floor and panels.

I tried my best to be a part of as many demos as possible, but at last I could not catch them all. Here are a few that slipped through the cracks of time but deserve my praise and shout outs! As for the ones I did get to demo, you can check back daily for the exclusive reviews and breakdowns as we celebrate a Week of Comic Con Game Exclusives. Tuesday: My Little Pony Collectible Card Game, Wednesday: Red Dragon Inn, Thursday: Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Friday: Steampunk Munchkin with artist Phil Foglio)

Games: Paperback and Burgle Bros by Tim Fowers

Games: Paperback and Burgle Bros by Tim Fowers


Paperback follows a determined novelist named Paige Turner as she works her way up, writing everything from mystery to romance. “It’s 2-5 players and takes about 45 minutes. Paperback is a word game, where you score words in order to buy better letters with cool abilities.” (Think scrabble but with an awesome new twist!) “But scoring won’t win the game – you must finish novels to make it as a paperback writer. ”

Artwork for Paperback game

Illustrated by Ryan Goldsberry


Burgle Bro's game set upTim Fowers has a certain retro style to his gaming, which is extremely refreshing in the world of table top games. He continues his eye for flare and fashion for old school style with his new game Burgle Bros. “Burgle Bros is a cooperative heist board game for 1-4 players and plays in 45-90 min. This game requires stealth, planning and a little bit of luck. In the tradition of classic heist movies like Ocean’s 11 and The Italian Job, you assemble your crew, make a plan, and pull off the impossible.” The best thing about Burgle Bros is that the game will never be the same each time you play it.


Game Demo Villains & Henchmen!

Villains & Henchmen! Game created by Ravensdale Publishing

I had a quick chance to meet one of the people behind Villains & Henchmen! He was in the middle of a demo, so I didn’t want to intrude but this game looks to awesome not to talk about. I jumped over to their facebook to get a quick description of the game. “Villians & Henchmen! is an as-yet unpublished game created by Ravensdale Publishing, an aspiring independent game design/publishing company. The world’s most nefarious and diabolical super-villain has been captured and imprisoned by meddling heroes. As loyal henchmen, it’s your job to orchestrate an escape! In this cooperative board game for 1-4 players, you will acquire powers, battle heroes, and overcome obstacles to spring the super-villain from a maximum-security prison. To succeed, you must work together. Of course, as villainous lackeys, you’re all trying to one-up each other so that you can claim the coveted title of ‘right-hand (hench)man!'” 

I didn’t get a chance to talk with these three game groups, but they are on the top of my gaming list to find out more.

This was my first San Diego Comic Con and I am so happy to have spent it with amazing people. The SDCC gaming staff, The Hyatt staff, demoers, and even just the players made my journey one I will remember for a life time.

**Fangirlnation is excited to start developing our new gaming section that will shine the spotlight on all things gaming. In the next few months we are looking to bring you exclusive demos from the developers themselves, first looks at games on kickstarter, game reviews/breakdowns, and of course just some old fashion wacky fun with friends. We wouldn’t be able to bring you all this excitement and enjoyment if it wasn’t for the fabulously talented people we meet at conventions and events. So no matter what convention you find yourself at, don’t forget to take a few minutes and check out the gaming area. **


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