Some of the Lesser Known Joys of San Diego Comic Con



San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) has concluded. If you listen carefully, you can hear the thrumming of keyboards all across the world as attendees sit typing away at posts. There will even be the occasional click of the mouse as video editing commences. There will also be a mad dash for all caffeinated drinks and the cafes will be clogged up by laptops. The point is, prepare for the oncoming barrage of SDCC information.

By this point, almost all of the video footage from the famous Hall H and prominent panels have been released online. The collective joyful tears of Star Wars fans have started to dry from watching the trailer. Heck, if you need a great compiled list of released trailers from SDCC, check out this link here.

Amidst all of that hubbub, my four days at SDCC were devoted to covering events and people that may have slipped under the radar. As great as all the big media is, SDCC is still a comic convention chock full of interesting creators and events. Below is list of what is yet to come:

*The return of Danger Mouse!

* Her Universe

* Steampunk Documentary

* Diversity in comics

* Interviews with authors and comic creators.

* Power Rangers: Dino Charge

* Darth Vadar and Son

* A spotlight on fan films

* Panel and exhibit hall discoveries

* A new chapter in Magic the Gathering

* A glimpse into the nightlife of SDCC

* Drunk History

Oh indeed, there was much to SDCC. Consider this a fair warning of what is yet to come.





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