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20150710_174410Red Dragon Inn was definitely one of my favorite games I demoed during San Diego Comic Con. I had brought it up a few times around the gaming area to see what it was all about. Most people replied with, “Red Dragon Inn is a great game, you have to play it.” Well after the third person confirmed with everyone else, there was no doubt in my mind what I had to do. So never playing before, I waited until the tournament and joined a game. Luckily for me, the demoer and the players, were super nice and excited to have me join in the fun.

Red Dragon Inn is created by SlugFest Games and is constantly growing by adding more characters. THAT IS RIGHT! In this game you get to pick from one of many characters, which leaves the game with endless possibilities.





Wizgille The Tinker (Character from Red Dragon Inn)The first time around I picked Wizgille the Tinker. (I might have picked her because she reminded me a lot of my girl Tinkerbell. HELLO! They are both tinkers!) Wizgille is one of four new characters from Red Dragon Inn 3. There are four base sets of The Red Dragon Inn (each one with four characters). If you want even more characters after that, they have started doing Allies packs where it is just one, FABULOUS character. May I point your attention to Pooky! No matter what character you pick, they have an awesome story behind them, including some good and bad things.

This is taken from their website:

“Wizgille is a Gnomish Artificer. Her brilliance with gadgets is surpassed only by her enthusiasm for tinkering with them–often with disastrous results. When Wizgille tests a new device, watch out! It could do something impressive, or it could blow up in everyone’s faces!

The Good: Many of her creations are legendary among the Gnomish Inventors Guild and have been featured in Adventurer’s Gazette.

The Bad: She thinks that a crowded tavern is an appropriate place to test new prototypes.”

So before I lose myself in just how much I love this game and the characters, let me throw some background your way. This game is perfect for everyone, because it fits the needs for RPG, Strategy, and can also just be a fun card game. No matter your preference, Red Dragon Inn is the game for you. Once you have picked your character you get a little game board with three card slots and numbers ranign from 0-20 at the bottom. Card Slots: Draw, Discard, Drink. Game Board

With a red marble starting on 20 (your fortitude) and the clear marble on 0 (your drinks), you are ready to start the game. The story behind the game is that you and your friends have just completed your last quest victoriously and you are now celebrating in, no other then, The Red Dragon Inn. You deck of cards is special to whoever you choose for your character. Some characters, like mine have two decks. While others only have one. The difference was since I build things, anytime I played a card that had a gear on it, I had to draw from my gear deck. The gear cards could swing either way. At times my inventions worked better then imagined and other times, it blew up in my face. I thoroughly enjoyed the second aspect to the character.

In case at any point you forget how to play the game, they wrote in order how your turn should go on the board. 1) You discard cards you don’t like and draw that many again in your hand. You should always have 7 cards in your hands at the start of your hand. 2) Play an Action card. This is where the game really becomes fun. Different cards have different things on them, including when you are able to play them. For example a card with Any time written on it can be played at anytime, where other cards said Action, Some times, or Gambling. YES THERE IS GAMBLING! 3) Once you play an action card and whatever was supposed to happen is over, you buy a drink for someone from the giant Drink Stack in the middle of the table. The idea is you don’t want someone running out of drink cards because then they sober up.

687474703a2f2f736c75676665737467616d65732e636f6d2f77702d636f6e74656e742f75706c6f6164732f323031332f30362f3634304472696e6b732e706e674) Lastly you draw one card from your own drink stack and take the effects. Here are a few examples of cards, but they also have ones that will sober you up. As well as start a drinking contest. As you gain alcohol you move the clear gem down.

Of course since this is a card game, different things can happen. The winner is the last person standing. You lose by either losing all your money. You spend money by tipping the wench, gambling poorly, or cards that say to pay the inn or players. If you run out of money, you no longer can buy drinks for your friends or yourself and it is time to head to bed. The other way you lose is by passing out! Passing out occurs when your two gems meet on the same number.

20150710_181944I haven’t passed out yet, but as you can see from my board I was defiantly getting there. Luckily, I was saved by a few lucky draw of cards that kept sobering me up.

This game is pretty simple and A LOT of fun. Not to mention, depending on the group you find yourself playing with, you can really get into character and add different aspects to an already flawless game. This game has it all and now I need every card this game has to offer. The Red Dragon Inn will leave your spirits high as you go back to the deck of characters, to try someone new before going back for another round. The fun never stops when your with friends in The Red Dragon Inn.


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