Watch the Trailer for Survivor’s Remorse Season Two


Survivor’s Remorse Season Two starts on August 22nd at 9:30PM on starz. The Calloway’s are just getting used to the idea of having wealth and fame. Cam is getting a bit bossy as he gains confidence and testing the limits. Everyone is testing the limits, though from the looks of the trailer, they remain a close family.

Here are some glimpses of upcoming events from Survivor’s Remorse plus comments from the cast about the directions their characters are taking in the upcoming months. There is both laughter and confusion.


Cam Calloway is a hard-working, young basketball star thrust into the limelight after signing a huge contract with a pro team in Atlanta. In the second season, we see Cam and his cousin and confidant Reggie Vaughn continue trying to navigate Cam’s meteoric rise. From business deals to relationships and friendship, the two confront the challenges of balancing the needs of family with the rewards and responsibilities generated by their newfound wealth and fame. Cam, Reggie and the unforgettable group of characters that is the Calloway clan wrestle with the rewards and pitfalls of stardom, love and loyalty.

The series stars Jessie T. Usher as Cam Calloway, RonReaco Lee as Reggie Vaughn, Erica Ash as M-Chuck, sister to Cam; Teyonah Parris as Reggie’s wife, Missy; Tichina Arnold as Cassie, Cam’s mother; and Mike as Cam’s Uncle Julius.

The basketball comedy, helmed by executive producers LeBron James and Tom Werner with creator Mike O’Malley, returns on August 22. However, you can get a preview of the craziness- to-come now!


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