Pranking The Pack Boys Camp: Zee’s Story


Zee's Story CoverZee’s Story sees Zee ready for another prank-filled summer at Camp Wolf Trail. He will be with his favorite jokester-in-crime Will, and the two resident funny guys have big plans for their time at camp, like finally finding Hidden Falls and mastering Dead Man’s Dive. This young camper is sure that this will be his most triumphant  Wolf Trail year ever!

Everything gets off to a great start beginning with pulling off an epic prank on their favorite counselor Carlos and creating a new tradition with all their fellow Wolf Trail campers!

“Will’n’Zee” are back and better than before, but their perfect summer starts to fall apart when Zee decides to go on the Cabin Kayaking trip rather than staying behind to search for Hidden Falls with Will. Suddenly the inseparable duo are torn apart by a fight- Will their friendship survive the summer? Just when things couldn’t get worse, Zee finds himself in a dangerous situation on the kayaking trip and realizes he must face this crisis alone. What will become of “Will’n’Zee?” Can Zee save the day and turn his summer (and his friendship) toward the right trail? Zee is afraid that his best year at camp is quickly turning into his worst.

A part of the Boy’s Camp series, Zee’s Story: Boy’s Camp is a wholesome story filled with silliness and adventure that will appeal to first or second grade readers who enjoy the outdoors or adventure books. Preschool and kindergarten readers could also take part in the fun by using this book at story time. Interspersed illustrations further draw in younger, beginning readers by putting a bright visual context to the surrounding words, making it a perfect introduction to chapter books.

Both parents and their kiddos will enjoy the interactive details, like the camp letter that is found at the beginning of the book, complete with a packing list for beginning campers and and a kayaking signals card included at the back giving readers a fuller sense of Zee’s kayaking experience.

While Kitson Jazynka and Valerie Tripp’s storytelling can be a little too idyllic in its characterization and conflict, the book is sure to be a winner with parents and children looking for a book that harkens back to innocent adventure tales from earlier generations.

Zee’s Story is available on Amazon (click link in title), on Powell’s, and Barnes & Noble

Written by Kitson Jazynka & Valerie Tripp
Illustrations by Craig Orback
Released: May 19th 2015
Publisher: Sky Pony Press
ISBN13: 9781629147543
ISBN10: 1629147540


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