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20150710_160207 Everyone walks away from Comic-Con exhausted, but it is the high moments that make it all worth while. The moment that I would count not only as my highlight, but as my favorite moment in all of convention history, goes to the night I got to sit down with the one and only Phil Foglio. Mr. Foglio is one of the most talented artists I have seen and best known for his work on the web comic Girl Genius. It only makes sense that when Steve Jackson Games decided to make Munchkin Steampunk, that they enlisted his help to do all the artwork.

Yes, you heard right! Munchkin is coming out with its newest base sets and it is all decked out to make this the best Munchkin set around. While the game doesn’t come out until October, a few MIBs (the demo team for Steve Jackson Games) have been bringing them to conventions to give sneak peaks. This game is perfect for everyone! I mean you don’t even need to be a Munchkin or Steampunk fan to fall in love with it. Just give it ten minutes and you will never┬áleave the table. At San Diego Comic-Con the table was constantly filled, with a few people waiting around to grab the next game.

20150710_223627Munchkin Steampunk follows the main rules of any Munchkin game, with killing monsters and looting the room. And let’s not forget a dash of back stabbing to keep things interesting. However, in this new base set they have added the elements of gears. Gear monsters do not follow the rules like undead, where if an undead is played you can pile on more undead monsters. But there are certain cards in the deck that are gear specific. Like this nifty glue gun you can carry in your hand to give plus two to any gear monster.

20150710_223641I had a chance to play this game with a few different people, but my favorite session of the game was a little more exclusive. I got the chance to sit down and play the game with an MIB, Phil Foglio, and his son. What made this game awesome and a memory I’ll cherish forever, isn’t that I totally kicked butt and won; but the fact that Phil Foglio and his son hadn’t seen the game yet. We ooed and awwed over the art work. Passing cards around so everyone could see the detail and make our little remarks of praise.

Breaking down my favorite moments of the game in a ranking from third to OMG I WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER FORGET THIS!

3rd Place: The game is still in the beginning stages and we are all having fun. No one has really done anything to
crazy and the monsters have been kind of chill. When all of a sudden, someone draws an undead monster. Of course like any good munchkin, we added our undead monsters, leaving the player a chance to level up THREE levels if he won the battle. Seeing the guy was in trouble and needed help, I offered. (Well Duh, I’m a sweetheart) With my offer to help, came the warning from the MIB, reminding me that he would gain three levels, but in the end I brushed off the advice and joined the fight. After winning without an issue and tucking my treasures into my hand, I watched as his token moved three spots. I smiled, brushed my fingers over a card, and gracefully laid a curse down to Lose 2 Levels. The table was quiet for a second before everyone busted out in laughter. Even the cursed, just smiled and said he couldn’t be mad with an awesome play like that.

2nd Place: I WON THE GAME! There is a thing when you beat an MIB you get a black tag to put on your pass as bragging rights, you beat some of the best Munchkin players around. As soon as the game was over, I looked over to my friend, MIB, and smiled. “GUESS WHAT?” He looked at me through puzzled eyes, “What?” My smile grew and I’m sure I either looked like a lunatic or the Cheshire Cat (not sure what the difference is) and pointed to the game. “I won, gimmie the ribbon.” I might be a tad competitive in everything I do, but what can I say, I enjoy winning and bragging rights.


Payback sucks!


The battle that began it all, luckily they escaped this one.

1st Place: So I was out for blood and when I saw the chance to knock down the MIB a few levels, I leaped for my chance. Teaming up with Mr. Foglio’s son we placed as many monsters as we could, only to see the guys barely make it through. However, that wasn’t my favorite moment. My favorite moment was when Karma came to bite me in the Booty (another awesome Munchkin game) and Phil Foglio brough back Queen Victoria from the dead (making her an undead monster) and the next thing I knew I was facing one monster and four undead monsters. Let’s just say I was not as lucky and ended up losing my head.

I don’t know what else I can say about this game. Except it is amazing, awesome, fabulous, breath taking amazeballs, fun for the whole family, fun with friends, colorful, brilliant, and well crafted (THANK GOD FOR PHIL FOGLIO!). Don’t miss your chance to check this out at a convention near you (I know Long Beach Comic Con will have it!). Halloween might have to take a step back this year, because Munchkin Steampunk is going to own October this year when it finally hits stores!


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