San Diego Comic Com Discoveries: Fan Films to Watch


Fan Fiction has long been the outlet for people to share their stories, dreams, and wishes of their favorite stories. The source material may have ended or went a different way.  Instead of wishing, many have taken their pen to write their own. The written Fan Fiction oddly enough has not nabbed my attention; visual forms of Fan Fiction have.

Two fan films of note out of San Diego Comic Con were stories connected to Supergirl and Harry Potter. Both teams worked diligently to bring these Fan Films to fruition. Both teaser films reflect the dedication and admiration to the source material. All we have right now are the teaser trailers.

Girl, Unburdened from Unburdened Entertainment (check them out on Facebook here)



Severus Snape and the Marauders from Broadstrokes Production (check out their social media here)





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