Long Live The King: Thoughts on the Official Trailer for “Ash vs. Evil Dead”


The King has come down from his gore-encrusted mount once again. Back from the vicious war against the undead, he is the way, the truth, the- Wait, who did you think we were talking about? 


As far as the fans of Raimi’s iconic Evil Dead franchise are concerned, it is. And they are far from disappointed with the new trailer for Ash vs. The Evil Dead, a new series coming to Starz on October 31st (Well Played, Starz.) It brings the original terrible trio of Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell together once again to tell us what happened 25 years after the events seen in Army of Darkness. Campbell once again dons the chainsaw of the world’s most bumbling hero Ashley J. Williams, this time aided by a fashionable girdle. Yes, unfortunately age and his job at Value Stop (Not S-Mart? C’mon lawyers,) have taken its toll on the defender, but will that slow him down? Um, yeah. Yeah it will. Yes.

Campbell has gone on record several times regarding wanting to return to Ash as a middle-aged man more times than one, and now that he has aged into it we are finally all getting our wish. We aren’t seeing Bruce Willis slough through another Die Hard movie here. Ash comes back boomstick blazing, just waiting for his next battle. He may have never intended for this to be a long-term gig, but it is a cross he is more than happy to bear. When duty calls, he is perfectly idle and ready to jump up at a moment’s notice to save the day. I mean, what else would an stockboy with the maturity of a 12 year-old really have to do with his time?

ash-vs-evil-dead-bruce-campbell-tv-show (1)

With the series’ history it only makes sense to stay true to it’s tongue-in-cheek, grotesque formula that has made them the cult symbol they are today. The 2013 remake was a success, but tried for more of a real or melodramatic take. This caused many loyal fans to consider it lackluster. Overall an enjoyable horror film, but hard to swallow.

Ash vs. Evil Dead brings us back to the cabin’s roots with what looks to be that perfect blend of slapstick and slasher flick, guaranteed to try and drag us into the nether realm itself. Thankfully, our savior is on the job, flying through the air with a wiseass quip to keep all of us safe for another 25 years to come. And since it’s Starz, what does that mean? Even more of what horror audiences love most – coarse language, boobs, and more blood than you can shake a stump at.

“Ash vs. Evil Dead” stars Bruce Campbell, Lucy Lawless and Jill Marie Jones with the first episode directed by Sam Raimi. Look for it on Starz Halloween 2015.

Watch the Trailer Below:


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