11705139_862730743779994_9168199068333190985_nWhen I rolled out of bed this morning, I was totally feeling the Monday Blues. I mean, I was ready to change my name to Garfield, grab some lasagna, and head back under the covers until Friday rolled around. However, my tune has changed and I send a few thank you up to the Gaming Gods. For when I finally meandered my  way over to my desk and checked Facebook, I was rewarded with this—–>

11781687_862730707113331_644580702559210111_n                   Munchkin OZ!                            Only At Target (24.95)!

“Adventure with the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodsman! Brave the Poppy Fields or the Deadly Desert! Fight against a Wicked Witch or King Krewl! Visit the Emerald City and talk with Dorothy, Ozma, or the Cowardly Lion! Play a Professor, Royalty, Soldier . . . or even a Wizard!”

Be still my heart because this isn’t just a booster pack. OH NO! This is 168 cards and unique dice to round it up to a full, stand alone game. Lately Steve Jackson Games has been rolling out some amazing things from Munchkin Kittens (Booster pack) to Munchkin Steampunk (Coming out October). I hope it never stops. bring on more and more and more Munchkin.

“Fans who follow the Yellow Brick Road to Target and purchase Munchkin Oz will want to look for Steve Jackson Games at conventions and keep a close eye on Warehouse 23 (, where they’ll find silver shoes special promotional cards and other goodies from August through December!” ( JUST MORE AWESOME STUFF) Some Targets might have it now, but the full roll out will be by early August 2015.



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