Saboten Con 2015: Exploring New Diggs

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It’s that time of year again! The start of the Arizona convention season! With Phoenix Comicon in the past Arizona convention goers have events such as Saboten, Mesa CMX, TCC and Fan Fest to look forward to! Since Saboten is a little over a month a way, let’s chat about what they have to offer this year…

Saboten has, for years, hosted its event at the Renaissance Grand Hotel in Glendale, AZ. In a daring move this season, they have moved from Glendale to be closer to the heart of Arizona’s convention scene.The anime-themed event will now be hosted at the Phoenix Sheraton Hotel in Downtown Phoenix! This beautiful venue is only a stone’s throw away from the Phoenix Convention Center where PCC hosts their immense comicon every May. This change should help Saboten expand their member region and offer greater accommodation to members attending from out of state.

So what does Saboten have to offer this year? Let’s take a look!

Honored Guests

  • Voice Actors
    • Ai Meda: Ai is known best for her work as Mimi on Digimon Adventures.
    • Tony Olive: Tony is known for his work in Xenosaga, Fate Zero and Everquest.r
    • Cam Clarke: Widely remembers as Max Sterling from Robotech.
    • Dan Woren: Dan has a wide array of work but he is better known as Roy Fokker from Robotech.
    • Melanie MacQueen: Melanie has a heavy theater background but she made a break into voice acting with her prominent role in Robotech.
    • Rebecca Forstadt: If you have heard an anime dub there is a chance this talented lady’s voice was a part of that voice spectrum! As a 35 year veteran, Rebecca has a host of roles to boast about; one of her most prominent is from the Magic Knight Rayearth series where she played Primera.
    • And more!!!
  • Cosplayers
    • Kiba: Don’t let his little legs fool you, this Corgi knows how to strut his cosplay which is saying a lot for a little dog!
    • Electric Lady: Electric Lady has 11 plus years of cosplay experience and is widely known for her anime/manga themed costumes.
    • Liui Aquino: Liui has traveled all the way from Manila to set the stage for cosplay intensity at Saboten 2015! Originally a business man, Liui exploded into the cosplay scene in 2011 and has become a cosplay sensation in just four short years!
  • Artists
    • Tommy Yune: Tommy is a critically acclaimed comic book artists with titles such as Speed Racer, Robotech and Racer X on his resume.

More guests are scheduled to be announced in the coming weeks before Saboten. The current roster is certainly eye-popping! Not interested in guests? That’s ok! Saboten also has a wide array of anime, manga and cosplay exhibitors ready to sell their wares to the J-Culture enthusiast. Looking for a picture of your favorite anime character? Interested in buying an AToT Scout jacket? Those are more are sure to be available at Saboten’s Exhibitor hall. For hours on when the hall is open please visit their operations page here.

If I still haven’t piqued your interest then listen to this: Saboten hosts the largest cosplay Masquerade in Arizona. Each year they find cosplayers from novice to master and pit them against each other using character walk ons and skits as the weapons of their costumed arena! If nothing else, the costumes you see at Saboten often surpass those of alternate Arizona conventions (Yes, I am being serious – Phoenix Comicon shudders in the shadows of Saboten’s well-oiled masquerade machine).

Ah, see. I knew that last part would hook you. Looking for tickets to this event? Be sure to get them fast! Saboten has become a major name in the Arizona convnetion scene and tickets sell quickly. To purchase yours visit their registration area here.

FangirlNation Correspondent Samantha (aka Sam) will be present all four days. If you see her (Shell be the one with the FGN Media pass hanging from her camera bag) say hello and she’ll take your picture for you. Who knows, maybe your photo will even end up in one of FGN’s amazing galleries!

Fan Girl on!


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