Sweet Madness: A Harley Quinn Fan-Film


As a huge Harley Quinn enthusiast, I literally squealed aloud when this short film came my way!

Harley’s back at it with her shenanigans again! This time, she’s holding a family hostage. As the man, wife, and little girl sit on the couch, trembling in fear, Harleen Quinzel, psychiatrist-turned-psychotic played by Madeleine Wade, dances around back and forth in front of them, humming and having her own little hallucinations of a man’s touch and voice. The voice has a certain lull to it…a soft, maniacal lilt. Anyone could 11760491_890820520983061_599177579_osee that Harley is having visions of her “Mistah J,” better known as the Joker from the Batman Universe. A phone call comes in and we discover that Harley is holding the Mayor and his family hostage of all people, and she has made demands. The first thought to come to my mind as a Harley Quinn cosplayer and fanatic is that she has probably demanded the Joker’s release from containment. Lo and behold, my guess was right. Harley exchanges the family for a man in an orange prison jumpsuit…and a slurpee? After a minor freakout about the incorrect flavor (so typical to the character to whine about something so trivial) and the exchange is over. Harley assures the negotiator that they will meet again, “Sooner than ya think.”11747500_890820764316370_860374320_o

Unveiling the Joker, played by Micah Fitzgerald, Harley complains that her Mistah J tried to kill her the last time that he saw her (as he usually does when it conveniences him), and he tells her that “True love requires sacrifice.” A few moments of sick sentiment pass, and Joker praises Harley on her good work and inquires about the next step. It is revealed that in the elaborate plan that she played out, she never planned an escape for the two of them. Much to Joker’s discontent, she doesn’t see it as a problem, and tells him how she has changed, becoming “crazy as a loon” and wanting nothing more than to see her Puddin’ one last time because she loves him. Flexing his power over her, Joker tells Harley that she has wasted his gift of bestowed madness, and tells her to allow him to end her life. She seems to willingly submit whilst still professing her love for him, before dropping a spine-chilling line on him that makes even the Joker’s head snap back to reality.

“True madness can never be controlled.”

The ending threw me for a loop, but it was perfect. See the video for yourself here!

Written and Directed by: Peter Dukes


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