New Suicide Squad Volume 1: Pure Insanity


New Suicide Squad Vol 1: Pure Insanity CoverBoy do they know how to tell it like it is. This volume was indeed pure insanity, but in the way that you will be begging for more. I am new to The Suicide Squad, getting my first tastes through the hit TV show Arrow. After the first five minutes, I was hooked and needed all things Suicide Squad. Thank the lucky voices in Harley’s head because DC Comics and writer Sean Ryan did not disappoint.

Being new to the comic world, I have to give a big THANKS to shows like Arrow and The Flash, who have been able to grab the attention of a whole new audience. As well as introduce us to characters, that I never even realized played bigger roles then just the bad guys. As I flipped through the pages of the New Suicide Squad,¬†I couldn’t help smile as I kept running into familiar faces. I had no idea that the Reverse Flash was part of the Suicide Squad, nor the need I would have to see more of him.

Through the writing, these characters came alive and I was able to really connect with them for the first time. There are some wonderful moments through the volume, that made me laugh out loud or shake my head in pure enjoyment. I was captivated as I quickly flipped through the pages, only to be heartbroken as I reached the end. However, it wasn’t just the writing that made this outstanding, but the art added something special.

There is no denying that the team of artists did a fantastic job pulling you into the action and making the story vibrant in its own way. The attention to detail and the way the color was flawlessly blended in, just blew my mind away.

New Suicide Squad Vol. 1: Pure Insanity collects the first eight issues into one installment, allowing you to get the full experience of the team of evil, misfits. We got glimpses of Joker’s Daughter, Harley Quinn, DeathStroke, Reverse Flash, Manta, and DeadShot. This volume is packed with non-stop action as we follow two different missions. There was a great balance between bullets flying, drama, and quirky one liners that eased the reader into new transitions.

Over all this series is beyond wonderfully done, with single issues available now or New Suicide Squad Vol 1: Pure Insanity coming out on July 21, 2015.


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