Archie vs Sharknado: A Nonsensical Horror in Riverdale


ArchieVSSharknado-0The fans of the famed Sharknado series should be pleased, because Archie and his pals certainly aren’t in the one and only Archie vs Sharknado! Read at your own risk, this is your official and only spoiler alert! A storm is brewing over Riverdale and the rest of the East coast, and politicians are coming together in Washington D.C. to find a solution, including Mr. Lodge himself. Betty and Veronica have tagged along for the ride, as they often do for Mr. Lodge’s business trips out of Riverdale, arriving amidst an apparent protest against taking any action against the storm, with messages on signs like “Storms Have Feelings Too!” Veronica and Betty set off, perusing the sights and taking photos.

Their sightseeing is interrupted when they see sharks flying through the air from the Washington Monument, and Veronica practically loses her mind when her father is killed, turning our mysophobic (fear of dirtiness) rich girl into a shark-killing avenger. I noticed a minor inconsistency with Veronica’s clothing, as her blue coat is lost and she seems to be wearing a sweater over her dress, but aside from that, the rest flows nicely. As pieces of the Capitol building and other monuments swirl around them and sharks take gnashing bites at them, Veronica and Betty fight off the “bloated pieces of sushi,” with the sobering knowledge that it is up to them to get back to Riverdale and save their friends from the sharknado…and Archie from another girl.

ArchieVSSharknado-0V-2Meanwhile, Archie and Jughead are relaxing on a beach, discussing the school dance and who our favorite carrot-top will be taking as a date. Enter: Cheryl Blossom, bitter enemy of Veronica and Betty, and as Veronica guessed, Archie was easily persuaded away. On Cheryl’s boat, the worst comes to fruition. Sharknado hits, and some of Riverdale’s most popular characters begin to die off. Reminiscent of Archie vs Predator, blood and gore is heavily present in this spin-off, as is a sense of fantastical nonsense. Let’s be real here, Veronica Lodge would never, and I repeat NEVER use a tire iron to save Betty from a falling shark. But silly as it is, the characters hold strong.

The girls fly in on a helicopter Betty fixed and retrofitted for the storm with Veronica wielding a flaming crossbow (again, how silly) and the rest of the gang heading for Riverdale. We get a glimpse of the school dance in it’s opening splendor, with Josie and the Pussycats playing for the attendees. Before long, the group from the boat crashes in, the girls crash-land, and the chaos begins anew. Weatherbee, Svenson, and the kids find weapons and make up a plan to blow up the sharknado. Betty and Veronica make a bold “girl power” pact excluding Archie from their minds while they fight the  sharks while Dilton and his new love interest build a bomb to send up into the whirlwind aquarium. We lose a few more characters in the fight, and watch as sharks are slain and blood, gore, and bodies pile up. Cheryl and the bomb end up in the belly of a shark, only to be rescued by a chainsaw-wielding Archie, proclaiming “No one eats my girlfriend!” Needless to say, Veronica and Betty were none too pleased.

ArchieVSSharknado-0V-3Dilton, Jughead, and Hot Dog manage to get a shark to swallow the bomb, and BOOM! The tornado of sharks is destroyed! As the group reassembles, heroes are heralded, Jughead’s stomach returns to normalcy, and a mess remains to be cleaned, ending the story on a positive note. Personally, I was not as impressed with this read as I was with Archie vs Predator, despite the similar blood-and-gore scenes. Read the comic for yourself and get all the details I didn’t clue you in on! This issue is a one-shot publication. Be sure to check out the film on which this nautical carnage was based, Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! when it premiers on Syfy, July 22, 2015!

Written by: Anthony C. Ferrante and Dan Parent
Official Cover by: Dan Parent
Variant Covers by: Francesco Francavilla, Robert Hack
On Sale NOW!
48-page, full color comic
$4.99 U.S./Canada


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