Injection #3 – Evil pixies, you guys!


Injection03_CoverBYou guys, evil pixies! At least, that’s what Robin believes in our third issue of Injection. he believes, based on Maria’s description of her current predicament, that they’ve awoken a Spriggan – a legendary creature from Cornish lore. Awoken from sound testing and inhabiting those who were closest to enact their shenanigans. And from this revelation I find something more about the Injection.

Pixies. That doesn’t really sound like another manifestation of a feral distributed intelligence that might destroy the world.

An intelligence is working against Maria and her team with plans to destroy the world. Scenarios across the country bringing them both closer and further apart. I’m beginning to think that I’ve been missing so much with Injection. Have I been missing all the clues from issues past? Or is this the first issue to truly leave behind the breadcrumbs to the center of this story. I’m also intrigued with Brigid’s work with The Turing test – a machine convincing a human that it is human. How does this all play together?

Warren Ellis – I was ready to write off your story but you’ve sucked me back in. You take your characters seriously with a side of delightful crazy. I’ve been chasing a sandwich all this time but what I was really looking for was under my nose. But I also pause in concern for future issues as I am starting to see an alignment to another body of fiction. Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials deals with The Subtle Knife – a knife that the can through space from one Oxford to another. it remains to be seen what Maria’s Electric Athame is all about. Nevertheless, strong showing in your third issue of the series.

And yes, if you’ve been following along Maria got to eat a sandwich. All is right with the world of Injection. You can find Injection #3 here: Injection #3


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