The Dresden Files Downtown #6 Wraps up


Cover By Carlos Gomez and Mohan

If you have been reading my reviews, then you know I LOVE The Dresden Files. Not to mention, I loved this story, which was my first introduction to all things Dresden, but for some reason this last issue just fell flat. Perhaps, its the fact that the story is over and I just hate endings. Maybe it’s because when things get wrapped up, there is this calm resolve that fills the air. I don’t know the reasons, but I do know that something was missing somewhere.

In The Dresden Files Downtown #5 we leave off with the wizard guy finally defeated, leaving the trio to figure out what to do with the sickly captive. Of course it was no shock when Marcone wasted no time in pulling a gun on the guy he had come to save. Hell, if I ran into someone who looked as nasty as this guy was becoming, I would probably waste no time in pulling a gun either. I couldn’t get over just how nasty the mysterious illness was making the poor victim. Again, this reaction is only due to the amazing work between Carlos Gomez (pencils) and Mohan (colors). The two of them blend effortlessly to create pictures that are mesmerizing.

Even though it dragged at times, I thoroughly enjoyed the battle scene. I loved that the writers took the time to really think out the story and adding a bit of action in every issue. Some comics will have a build up and then the action is completely in the last issue. There is something refreshing about a constant roller coaster of action, resolve, and  peacefulness. However, the downfall is it becomes predictable and lackluster. (Perhaps another explanation of  why this issue didn’t hit a home run.)

Overall, I would still reread this comic over and over again. Sure, the last issue missed its mark a little, but that doesn’t even make a dent into the incredible story and artwork that made up The Dresden Files: Downtown six issues. I hope there is more heading our way, because I can’t wait to see what other adventures (trouble) they find themselves in. Also, to hopefully finally understand why Marcone’s blonde hench-woman has a huge ass axe every time I see her.

The Dresden Files Downtown #6
Written by Jim Butcher & Mark Powers
Pencils by Carlos Gomez
Colors by Mohan
Letters by Bill Tortolini
Available NOW!!


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