Wayward Pines Finale: WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!


Wayward-PinesI….it…….I mean……but then……..Abbie’s……..WHA……NOOOO…..oh god……DA FUQ!?! Welcome to the last hour of train thoughts as I finished sitting through Wayward Pines season finale. I still can’t even fathom what I just watched. There is so much crammed into the last hour, that I am not able to  relax. There were moments I had to message friends on Facebook, because I just didn’t know how much I could take. I’m not a Horror person, so this was completely pushing my thrush hold.

I mean it’s no secret that the last episode took a quick rise in climax, leaving us to say goodbye to a few awesome people. BUT THIS EPISODE TAKES THE FREAKING CAKE, THE FROSTING, THE SPRINKLES, AND THOUSANDS OF CHERRIES ON TOP!!! I cringed into the pillow as my heart stopped with each action scene. My heart seized and shattered as my tears dropped, erasing final memories of those lost. I screamed and clapped as hero’s were born and evil fell. I cursed as I realized……(Well I’m not going to spoil that one).

The real kicker, is there is no second season! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! This show was a gem, a real honest to god gem.  As Veruca Salt (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory), “I want it now DADDY!” Fox is making a mistake, not bringing this back. Not only did it get me more excited about Sci-Fi, but it was well done all around. My heart is back to weeping, as the finale hits even harder. Goodbye Wayward Pines.


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