Bad Night: A Must for the Next Sleepover


bad-night-jenn-mcallisterNot many people are lucky to find a best friend that will stick with you through life. Sure growing up, we all had our best friends but usually as we grow, the title shifts between a few people. Every girl needs to have at least one ride or die, friend til the end, type bestie.  My best frind of 17 years and I have been through everything together. It’s also a little scary that everything bad or good that happens to us, usually happens in pairs. I crash my card, a few weeks later she dings her car. My phone takes a nose dive into pavement, hers takes a swan dive into a toilet.

So when Bad Night popped up, I had to put it on the top of my movie list. Not only because it looked like some of my favorite “stupid guy” movies (Grandma’s Boy, Pineapple Express, Neighbors), but because it was centered around two best friends. History has shown, you can never go wrong with adding some weed, stupid sex jokes, and hot stupid guys who end making a mess of everything they touch. As society we eat it up! However, it is very rare that we get to see the same combo mixed up and added with some female flare. Of course we have talents like Tina Fey and Melissa McCarthy who push the envelope, but usually those movies are met with harsh criticism.

So it was amazing and a nice surprise to see how well this movie was made. I wouldn’t say the plot was out of this world, because it felt repetitive (as many of these types of movies usually do). To me what really made this movie was the scrip and cast. Of course we have some awesome side characters, like the tattoo artist played by Casey Wilson (Happy Endings, Marry Me). As well as Adam Pally (Happy Endings, The Mindy Project) who kept me laughing the whole time as The Painter. The you have other talents like Molly Ringwald, June Diane Raphael, Julianna Guill, Judy Marte, Gareth Reynolds, and Owen Smith rounding out the cast.

While these characters really added the fun and chaos that surrounded the plot, it was the main stars (Youtube personalities) that stole the show. Lauren Elizabeth Luthringshausen (Kate) and Jenn McAllister (Abby) really showed why they have captivated so many fans.

Bad Night follows two best friends who decide they need a night out after a mishap on the school art trip. They quickly map out their night by hitting the thrift shop for new outfits, a little dinner (taken care of their emergency only credit card), and hitting the town to find adventure. What they don’t plan for is being mistaken for Viceroy and Monarch (female thieves) and getting in the wrong car. How can a tiny mistake cause so much trouble?

I can’t wait to bring this movie out for my next sleepover and enjoy watching it with my own bestie. There were times, I couldn’t help but laugh as I related to the characters. We all have that one friend who always gets us in a little trouble (I’m that friend). We might end up being mad at that moment but we know eventually its a story that will last a life time and bring us even closer.

Add Bad Night to your movie night and make it all about the girls. Grab some wine (if 21+), invite good friends, and splurge a little on some ice cream. You deserve to relax and have fun, letting lose with an awesome movie such as Bad Night.

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