Flip City: The Deck Building Game with No Hand to Play


I’m doing what I do every Friday, and that is stalk the interwebs for some new fun things to ogle at. Of course this leads to my game list doubling in size on a weekly basis. May I two finger point (because one finger pointing is rude, Disney fans) to this new beauty. f7ddc16c-0c13-43f6-a44e-a77ed510aa13


Flip City is the newest game from TMG (Tasty Minstrel Games). This fun deck building game plays between the line of luck and strategy. The best kind of games in my opinion.

This game is available through their site for 19.95. Here is a quick description of the game, “In this brand new deck-building game, you have no hand at all! Instead, you play cards directly from the top of your deck. ” The site continues with, “On your turn, you play cards from the top of your deck, one at a time. When you choose to stop, you may then purchase a new card with any money you earned from played cards. But be careful! You may be forced to play too many cards that have unhappiness icons on them, ending your turn prematurely.”

Oh golly, I’m super excited. Deal me in, sign me up, and take all my money because this game is sure to be a blast!


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