Surf’s Up! World of Archie: Wipe Out!


WorldOfArchieWipeout-0It’s summer, dude! In World of Archie: Wipe Out! Archie and all of his friends are at the beach, and nothing is more appealing than grabbing a surfboard and catching some of those waves. Riverdale’s location is never truly shared with readers, but it has always been clear that Riverdale is on the East Coast of the United States. As far as I know, the eastern beaches aren’t known for their waves, but that never stops the gang from pulling out their boards and tricks…and occasionally, their bluffs.

The characters are not written with consistency in mind. In one story, Archie is a great surfer with lots of experience. In the next, he hasn’t got a clue what he’s doing, but he talks a big game. A common theme in his summer adventures is that Archie lies about his surfing skills to pick up women. Sometimes he gets off easy, and sometimes he suffers for it. But Archie isn’t the only one who struggles with a board. Betty has always been successful, being sporty and active, but Veronica’s stories juggle her somewhere between being completely incompetent and hanging ten like a pro. Even Jughead cashes in on the action occasionally! In this issue, we see a lot of rivalry, competition, and jealousy. Surfing is quite literally the center of every plot, and I have read almost every story in it over the years. Whereas I love the characters, their personalities, and their antics, some new stories with fewer predictable outcomes would be preferable and welcome.

I find myself hoping that in the new Archie comics, our newly-made over Archie will find himself at the beach and shows us a new side to the gang’s beach antics. I love the surfing comics, but I’d love to see more parties more sports like volleyball, more boating trips, etc. Dilton made multiple appearances in this digest, and I would definitely enjoy seeing him in more stories, or even having one centered around him. I also enjoyed a couple of brief stories involving Mr. and Mrs. Cooper and Mr. and Mrs. Lodge. This digest is available now! Pick it up and enjoy the last bit of your summer with the gang before the fall season rolls around!

Written by: Various Writers
Art by: Various Artists
Cover by: Dan Parent, Bob Smith, Rosario “Tito” Peña
On Sale NOW!
Digital Exclusive
150-page, full color comic
$5.99 U.S./Canada


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