‘Supreme Blue Rose’ or Wait, What Did I Just Read?


cover69465-mediumIf you want a coherent comic book from beginning to end, put Supreme Blue Rose down and find something else. Warren Ellis’ graphic novel is a creation of chaotic beauty, but difficult to follow unless you’re really paying attention. Even then, it’s easy to find oneself perplexed at what exactly they are reading.

After the universe attempts a reboot, things get very complex and screwed up. People that should be dead are not dead, and everyone seems to be coming back to someone named Darius Dax. The common theme is that Dax is not to be trusted. A mysterious redhead with a magically appearing bar, spaceman named Doc Rocket (his name is far too complicated to go into) and others team up with random strangers to try and solve the mystery of the Supreme Blue Rose, even as the universe swirls and changes around them.

Okay, so I found myself lost more times reading this graphic novel than a teenager driving a car for the first time and trying to roadtrip it from California to New York without a GPS. I like to think that I’m not stupid, but man did Supreme Blue Rose leave me wondering a few times. The artwork is absolutely beautiful, floating with an ethereal watercolor style.  Many of the characters would make fantastic cosplays, but good luck trying to explain to convention attendees just what the heck you are.

Supreme Blue Rose is worth the risk if you’re a Warren Ellis fan or are dedicated to spending a good deal of time looking at every last detail. For the skim readers, the light comic book fans and those who really want a light story, I’d leave Supreme Blue Rose on the shelf.

Supreme Blue Rose is now available from Image.


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