Punky Power! ‘Punky Brewster’ Volume 1


Punky_cvrI’m probably dating myself when I say I really loved watching Punky Brewster when I was a kid. Punky was creative, smart, and all she wanted was a family for her and her dog. In Punky Brewster Volume #1, the reader gets a chance to see just what happened to get Punky Brewster to her foster father,  Henry, and vice versa.

After Punky’s mother disappears, the 8 year-old finds herself committing crimes with local thieves in order to just get a sandwich to share with her dog, Brandon. She hides out in the mall and sleeps in the bedroom displays after the stores close. One night, a cat gets into the store and Brandon gives away their hiding spot to a security guard. Punky is sent to a group home. When it is discovered her mother is no where to be found, the frustrated staff look for any other alternative. They find a distant relation named Henry. Henry has no interest in kids and wants nothing to do with Punky at first. However, with a little convincing and help from the neighbors, Henry decides that he wants to adopt Punky after all. The problem is that the state is not comfortable putting Punky in the care of a single parent who is older. Punky has to use her persuasive “Punky Power” to the fullest to convince the courts that she’s perfectly fine in Henry’s care, and so is Brandon.

Punky Brewster Volume #1 is bright and colorful, despite the sometimes sad subject matter. The Foster system in America is not an easy place to be, as many of the side characters remind us. Still, Penelope “Punky” Brewster is up beat to the point of being infectious. It’s difficult to finish reading Punky Brewster without a smile.

Punky Brewster Volume #1 is available July 29, 2015 from IDW Press.


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