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Remember all those decades of history lessons that were so dry that it was an inner war to simultaneously fall sepal and keep the droop from running down your mouth? Imagine being those stories by drunk narrators? Plus imagine that drunkenly told story being lip synced and acted out? Betcha those lessons would stuck.

With two seasons done and the third one well on the upcoming horizon, Drunk History on Comedy Central pretty knows what the people want.They know that drunk people want to talk and they know that sober people love watching drunk people try to be serious.

Derek Masters, the mastermind and host of Drunk History, uses his drawl and solid drinking skills to coax history lessons out of drunk narrators on camera. Not just content to sit and watch someone get drunk telling the story, he will also join in the lip synching fun during the re-enactment sequences. The two seasons of Drunk History has had  quite a surprising number of celebrities in the reenactment including Winona Ryder, Johnny Knoxville, and to my utmost delight Jack Black.

It was a surprise delight to be able to attend my first round tablet interview session for Drunk History. In attendance was Derek Masters (host/Show creator), Jeremy Konner(Producer),  Paget Brewster(actress/Drunk History narrator), and Taran Killam (actor/Drunk History re-enactor).

How the roundtables work is that the media is broken up into several tables. The people of interest are split up and take a few sitting and chatting at each table. Each of the media people take turns asking questions. This offered a much more relaxed and unique experience in terms of getting to know the people.

My table spoke to Taran and Paget first. Right off the bat, you can tell why these two are such common faces on Drunk History. Even though Paget was amazingly drunk on the show  narrating, she was still extremely charismatic. Sober, she is more entertainment and energy. Taran would match Paget’s energy in wit and jokes. Both were immensely entertaining  and personable.

Derek is the same in front and behind the camera. Sitting right next to him (lucky me!), I could easily see how anyone would be willing to drink to their limit and tell a story. He is a great listener and plus his voice is just fun to listen to.  Jeremy stayed quiet most of the time but he seemed to be enjoying himself. He was pretty delighted with the small bottle of alcohol that was gifted to him from another table (why did not think of that?!).

Some great tidbits from the roundtable:

* There is very little improv during the re-enactments. Everything is scripted

*Every narrator is truly drunk. There is a medical person nearby with a breathalyzer and making sure everyone is safe.

* An interesting insight was how patient the crew members must have been. Having always been the designated driver, it is not fun being stuck watching over a drunk person who wants to talk and talk and talk.

*The narrators keep on drinking but there is point where Derek swaps out his drink for an iced tea.

* Narrators get to choose whatever drink they want, Drunk History gets it for them. Although Derek is waiting for someone to choose Mad Dog 22

*Getting Octavia Spencer as Harriet Tubman was an awesome casting treat

* Jack Black was one of the earliest supporters and helped launch Drunk History from online to television

*They will be going to space, becoming a spy, New Orleans, and much more to look forward to for the next season.

* Puking makes Derek Waters very uncomfortable but he deals with it for the show

It was indeed a pleasure for this little fangirl to have such a great conversation with creators and actors of Drunk History. Thank you Comedy Central!

Look forward to the upcoming season arriving September 2015!


Check out the exclusive Drunk History panel at San Diego Comic Con here.





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