SDCC: Hex 11: Issue #4


One of the small press comics that I was eager to search for during San Diego Comic Con was Hex comic. I had discovered them during Wondercon 2015 (check out the video here). That time, that was pure discovery. Their beautiful banner and art style nabbed my eyes so many times, that I had to check them out. Before leaving, I was able to pick them the first three issues of the Hex 11 series.

Holy moly this was the best discovery I could have made!  My mind happily devoured Hex 11. It was so enjoyable and had everything I loved in a comic: magic, quirky characters, possible romance, demons, and flying dragon cats. FLYING DRAGON-CATS.

I had finished all three issues in an hour the day after Wondercon. Since I knew they were going to be at SDCC, I braved through the massive crowd in order to pick up the latest issue. And a button with a flying dragon cat dressed as David Tennant.

In the Hex 11 comic series, the characters live in a neighborhood called The Hex. It’s pretty much a dark slums that have magic, weird food, and creatures. People have very limited means in the Hex. During the first three issues, the apprentice witch Elanor Kent is sent out on a mission by her teacher, Vera Wyck (who really reminds me of Yuko from XXXholic manga series) to grab a scarf. Along the way, Elanor defends the life of a thief and becomes quite tangled in some crazy magical/politics stuff.


Warning: Spoilers Below:

The cool and scary assassin, Faye has taken a life in pursuing the missing demon, Osrick. Osrick was taken in by accidental magic done by Elanor. Everyone has convened in the safe magical zone of Vera’s apartment. As they hide out, the people around the Hex are becoming targets of the police. What shall they do?

This is essentially the calm after the depressing storm. Everyone is gathering their strength and intellect for the next part of the story.The fourth issue is more of a holding point and character reveal for Agnes. Agnes has been a mysterious character during this time. Her long black hair obscuring her eyes with her smile alluded to a possible sinister character.

She may still be sinister but she has been shown a whole  new dimension. She is one of the few humans that can enter the Verge, a dangerous dimension for magic users, and recruit demons. Her “recruiting” seems to be more of connecting to demons on a deeper level than just controlling or taking them against their will.

Just like the characters stuck in The Hex, there is not much the reader knows of what is going on. Something vital and a threat to the thin stability of the world has been taken. Alot of scary and powerful forces are peeling away from the shadows targeting this group. This could either erupt into an all out war or epic magical chase. Or both.


I have become a huge fan of this comic and the women behind it. They also know how to delight fans in creating the most amazing merchandise. A dragon cat! I am such a sucker!


Check out their website to get the comics or catch them at the next comic convention!


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