‘Arkham Manor’ Puts the Greatest Villains in Gotham History in Batman’s Home


51jv5nqa+ELI was not prepared for DC’s Arkham Manor and yet the crazy was so familiar.

After the destruction of Arkham Asylum, the criminally insane of Gotham have been housed in an open air sports arena. If that sounds like a terrible idea, that’s because it is. In an attempt to appease the “not in my backyard” mentality of the Gothamites, Wayne Manor is taken over my a legal decision and turned into Arkham Manor. While Batman makes sure to seal up the secret entrances to his base of operations, he still has lost him home to those he helped imprison. After a series of inmate murders in the Manor, Batman takes the identity of a recently dead man and has himself committed to Arkham Manor. He is able to sneak around due to years of experience in the secret passageways. Unfortunately, the murderer is also loving the secret tunnels. Batman must stop the killer while also dealing with the influx of new and old favorites.

Arkham Manor is just plain beautiful for fans of Gotham’s finest villains. Particularly funny is watching Mr. Freeze play in the snow after his freezer breaks down. There is also a good showing by a beloved practical joker that seems to have been hiding out for a while now.

Arkham Manor is available from DC comics now. Look for it on Amazon or on Powell’s


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