Cards Against Humanity Releases New “Design” Expansion Pack


Cards Against Humanity Expansion Pack: Designer Pack 10 DollarsRemember those days when you were a kid and you would get so excited to get a letter? You would hop around, do a little dance, tearing it open, and maybe if you were lucky not destroying the letter… maybe that’s just me. Well, today I got a beauty that made me hoot and holler like I was at a rodeo. I received an email from Cards Against Humanity announcing their new expansion pack.

The email explained, “The Design Pack includes 30 cards fully-illustrated by some of the best graphic designers in the world, including Milton Glaser (I ♥ NY), Susan Kare (the Apple Macintosh), Jessica Hische (Daily Drop Cap), and legendary printmakers including Jay Ryan, Yann Legendre, Olly Moss, Mike Mitchell, Paul Octavious, and Sonnenzimmer.” Not to mention this pack is only 10 dollars and can be found here.

What are you waiting for, I’ve already bought three (birthdays coming up)!



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