X-Files Annual 2015: “Most Likely To….”


XFILES_ANNUAL2015_COVFox Mulder has managed to convince Dana Scully to come with him on the most dangerous mission yet; a high school reunion. Both ridiculously over-dressed- “I never do anything half way,” Mulder says- the two enter the festivities. Several years ago at this particular high school, a boy named Colin disappeared during an overnight-in-a-haunted-house-type of dare. The other two involved in the disappearance, Kelly and Tristan, have made a name for themselves as ghost hunters. According to Mulder neither really bothered to look for Colin after the disappearance. In true Mulder fashion, he grabs a name badge and writes Colin on it, before adding glasses to his face and assuming the disguise of the missing man. Scully rapidly determines that this was never a high school Mulder actually attended and urges them to leave, but Mulder will not be moved from his mission. As always, Scully gives into the mission but warns Mulder that if it goes sideways, she’s not opposed to “punching him in the face.” After a little mingling, Scully discovers that Colin may have been a telekinetic and that Tristan was always the class bully.  Tristan shows his true colors after grabbing Mulder and taking him outside to fight, warning him that some things are best kept secret. With the possibility of a police cover up, Mulder and Scully investigate to find out what really happened to Colin.

The story is twisted, just like a regular episode of the X-Files. What’s different now is that the image of Scully in a sweater and Mulder with one draped around his shoulders like two East Coast prepschool students is now an image burned into my brain; thanks a lot IDW. This is one of the alternate covers, but the image will be in the front of the comic as well if you purchase the regular edition. Mulder’s refusal to let things go always makes things more interesting and the comic is littered with the pure bliss of Dana Scully sass. Seriously, Scully Sass is the best type of Sass.

The X-Files Annual also includes a sneak peak of the next “Season” of X-Files comics, so it’s a great way to get a jumpstart on Season 11 before it’s available.

The X-Files Annual 2015 is available July 29. 2015 from IDW press.


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