A New Convention all about Cosplay: Cos-Losseum in San Diego


1536427_372331832951081_2024857663272759803_nCos-Losseum, a cosplay convention in the making, is building fast and exploding with fun. If you are like me you hate the start of the year, especially in Cali because convention season is still so many months away. That is why I hope Cos-Losseum happens: They are picking February 6th & 7th for their weekend of cosplay galore and planning on hosting in the town that claims the biggest convention to all fandoms, San Diego!

The event is still in works with more information coming out on a regular basis. But so far Cos-Losseum is looking to be a convention for all cosplayers. This includes a strong line up of guests, a Cosplay Contest, and panels. A few of the already confirmed guests include:

Logan Long (Face Off Season 8)
Rashaad Santiago (Face Off Season 6)
Russ Adams (Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge)                                                    
George Frangadakis (Immortal Mask)

Right now Cos-Losseum 2016 is selling weekend tickets for $20. There of course is a limited quantity (25), so get them while you can. Tickets may be purchased here.


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