Black Science #16: You’ve been Rick Remendered!


Black Science #16 CoverFlashbacks can bring the biggest dismay in character reveal. At least in comics, the reader has the benefit of knowing before the main characters does the additional depths to a person.

At the book’s opening, we see a flashback of Dr. Grant McKay celebrating the successful creation of the Pillar. The pillar is a device that enables people to jump through dimensions. Behind his lofty goal of “solving every problem that mankind has,” is his complete and utter happiness/inflated ego at finally succeeding at a project that has cost him much of his marriage and relationships. During this brief happy event, someone triggers the Pillar and since then, everyone around it has been taken through different dimensions. They have met benign and malevolent creatures, primitive and advanced societies, all the while running for their lives. They have encountered other versions of themselves(sometimes alive, mostly dead versions), met with life-threatening adventure, and foumd the truth of what they have really done.

The previous issue, Black Science #15, left the reader with a completely shocking twist. The shaman was fatally shot by one of the group. The group has seen the damage they have done to the worlds they have traveled through, and Grant McKa made the most positive character development so far by willingly sacrificing his safe return by spreading the cure for the plague they have spread (in hindsight, I wonder if Grant realized he was risking not only own life, but his children’s and colleagues lives).

I’m also starting to feel that the women in this series are getting the mega-short end of the stick here. Pia is whiny teenager, the mother was burned, and now Rebecca shoots the shaman. On the other hand, we have now lost three men in this adventure so I guess the odds of horrible things happening to everyone are pretty even.

The issue ends with a horrible, heartbreaking cliffhanger. At this point, I’m going to say it: the reader was Rick Remendered. Which basically means: the direction you thought the story was going is completely whack and you are more lost the ever but oh do you enjoy the adventure so much!

Each issue of Black Science has continually astounded me. This simple story of people lost through dimensions has become a tangled, complicated multi-layer story. It’s not just the  the “onion” (the description that the characters give describing the dimensions. Each issue has unveiled a new “layer” in each character. It has revealed back stories, revelations, inspiration, pain, and regret. No one in this story is one-dimensional. Every single person, even the the youngest is flawed and marvelous in his or her own way.

Black Science #16 is available at your local comic book retailer.


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