Funding Alert: Nerd Out App Needs your help


kw4yko55jl6gjm2kzonuAt Fangirlnation, we love bringing you the latest news in all things geeky. We also really enjoy helping out creators and developers as they work on new projects. With Nerds taking over the world quickly through Club Cosplay, Nerdist, Geek and Sundry, Nerds Like Us, That Hashtag Show, and lets not forget the thousands of conventions that pop up through out the year; fans can find it overwhelming to keep up with events.

That is why we are sending out this article like a beacon for all nerds to do what they can an support this awesome opportunity to create something we could all use. You can pop over to show your support by either donating or setting up your company/group for advertisement and promotion. We all need a more venues to  get our information to the masses.

What exactly is Nerd Out?


Just some of the awesome swag for donating!

Nerd Out is your one stop shop for all nerdy events! Gone are the days of having to search the web for all your events. Now, all the information will be centrally located in one place, the Nerd Out app. It’s a safe place for adults and kids alike to discover nerd-inspired events in their local areas while also showcasing hundreds of events from around the world. Moved to a new area? Going on vacation? Find nerd events wherever you’re located. Included is the ability to build your own schedule, set alerts for events, and connect with friends.

Have more questions? Well don’t worry because the site is filled with information ready to answer anything you might ask. There is no time better then right now to jump on this nerdlicious (yea I made up a word, but this is so fantastic it can only be described by a made up word!) project.  So do it, click here. You know you want to!!


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