“Mythic” My Introduction and Thoughts on Issues 1-3


Mythic03_CoverAI was caught by the name of this book: Mythic made me think of myths, legends, folklore, magic. I was fairly spot-on about this, but there’s a morbid twist.

With colorful and unusual characters, Mythic reminds me vaguely of Supernatural (shout-out to my fandom), what with the traveling characters whom have an apparent main purpose to keep the world functioning normally while hiding the presence of magic. Yes, I said it. MAGIC. Magic is making the world go around, and keeping everything in balance is the job of the Mythics. And no, Potterhead that I am, I am not referring to Wingardium Leviosa or Petrificus Totalus. I am talking about nature. I am talking about mountains with feelings and lizards who speak. I did not originally want to take this comic on, because it was new and daunting, and unfamiliar. But I decided to shrug my shoulders, say “what the heck,” and delve into the world that Waterson, Cass, and Nate live in and defend every day, along with strange friends and stranger enemies who would seek to have the world to themselves and destroy the good of it.

Without spoilers, I can tell you this: Mythic is not for those with a fear of monsters under the bed, and has some slightly gory moments. I found myself cringing in the first few panels. Also, you will find yourself face to face with some characters who come from other backgrounds. For example, you will meet Venus, and one of the main characters is a prophet who is thousands of years old. I felt I did not have enough information from each of the first three issues to form three separate proper reviews, nor to form much  so for now, I will leave my review at this: I enjoyed what I read, and with a little more information from issue 4 next month (August), I will have a little more of an in-depth report for you readers. Until then, Issue 3 is out now, as of July 29th, and Issues 1-3 can be found on Image comics’ website.

Written by: Phil Hester
Art by: John McCrea
Available NOW!
$2.99 U.S.


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