The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #4 Is Humanity a Weakness?


The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #4 CoverFinally! The next installment in the series has arrived! So much anticipation. So much sadness. So much surprise.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina stays true to his title. Four issues in and it truly can give you the chills. This is not the same Sabrina the Teenage Witch from the comic strips or the nineties show.

Witches in this series are not campy,goofy, cheesy, or adorable. These are inhuman creatures that serve the devil, feasting upon the humans or, if they are merciful, killing them. Hilda and Zelda have taken their niece, Sabrina, to live in a small town called Greendale. There is she able thrive and hone her skills as a half-witch away from the Coven. At Greendale, she is also able to be and experience being a human teenage. With the added bonus of knowing magic, she is able to spellbind her crush, Harvey Kinkle, into being her boyfriend. She has her loving and devoted boyfriend, a lead in the school play, and her initiation into the Coven is coming up on her 16th birthday. If only there wasn’t a resurrected succubus intent on revenge (thanks to Sabrina’s father) out to ruin everything that Sabrina holds dear.

This fourth issue turns out to be a pivotal point in Sabrina’s character development. Up until now, she has never questioned the Coven or her aunts. She had long accepted the human and witch side of her. It seemed that she was able to strike a compromise between the two with her high school antics and such. Now, she is questioning the Coven and the witches. The loyalty and connection she had with her Aunts even comes into question, leaving Sabrina vulnerable and primed for the persuasion of Madame Satan.

Sabrina, it turns out, is not as cold and steel heart-ed in the plight of humans as her witch sisters, and in this situation,  her human emotions may doom her.

Betty and Veronica from <em>Archie</em> fame also make an appearance, and it is  thoroughly enjoyable. These iconic BFF/frenemies were drawn in  a very beautiful and interesting way. Their interactions were true to their character origins but was also believable as two teenage girls. Their short cameo was absolutely delightful.

The hardest part about reading this issue was to slow it down. By the end of the issue, the anticipation for the next issue is gut wrenching!.




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