AMC-Backed Streaming Service, Shudder to Host Mario Bava Marathon


Watching the trailer for Bava-thon alone is worth it. Some of the films streaming this weekend of the 24/7 live stream are:

Baron Blood (1972)

· The Evil Eye (1963)

· Lisa and the Devil (1973)

· Kill Baby Kill (1966)

· Five Dolls for an August Moon (1970)

· Black Sunday (1960)

· Black Sabbath (1963)

· Bay of Blood (1971)

· The Whip and the Body (1963)

Shudder TV is an online screaming service for desktop, iOS, and Android devices. You can watch it on your Roku Player too. The station offers hundreds of film from hard-to-find independent horror to grindhouse classics.

Shudder is currently offering a free 14-day trial at Shudder TV, the service’s 24/7 constant stream of horror, is available for free to all users.


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