We Bare Bears: Simply Genius, a Must Watch


we-bare-bears-post1Here I was going bored out of my mind while I counted down the seconds to Sushi. I figured I would scan the TV listings for something interesting, when I came across Cartoon Network’s newest show We Bare Bears! The promo photo in the guide is adorable. The description is an explosion of cuteness overload. Three brother bears, living in San Fransico (Grizzly, Charlie, and Ice Bear) try their hardest to fit into everyday human activities. On top of that add their special way of getting around. Which is called a “Bearstack,” their own creative way to show their friendship. ( I want a bearstack!)

This cartoon is based off Daniel Chong’s webcome, The Three Bare Bears. I have only seen four minutes of this show, but I need more. I need the stuffed animals, I need the comics, I need more episodes, and I need some awesome t-shirts. Let’s not forget, my undying love for Ice Bear as he talks in the third person and carries around Ninja Stars. This show has all the makings to really be a smash.

This is the only thing I have seen so far, but it was so amazing I had to stop to write about it, before life got busy and I was out the door. Everyone must know about We Bare Bears!



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