October Faction Volume #1


STK650969This one really has me filled with mixed emotions. Being a huge fan of Supernatural and The Addam’s Family, I thought the ideal concept was interesting. It was the whole reason, why I decided to give it a chance. The description read as “The October Faction details the adventures of retired monster-hunter Frederick Allan and his family… which include a thrill-killer, a witch, and a warlock. Because sometimes crazy is the glue that binds a family together.” Why would you not want to read something that sounds so amazing? I just wish they had delivered.

The October Faction Volume 1 is a collection of the first six issues and thank goodness for that. Even six issues deep in, I do not feel a strong connection with the characters except,  Frederick Allan (the Father.) I couldn’t even imagine, having only one snip-it of this story and having to wait a month for the next bit. I liked the story plot and the concept of the characters, I just wish their was more detail. I want to know more about the kids, other than they want to follow in their father’s steps. At the moment, they are just so bland. It does help that they have amazing abilities, like seeing the dead or witchcraft, but their talents are more brushed past then developed in the first books.

I found myself getting bored while having to work so hard, piecing the missing info together. While I found it dry and just hard to get through, I did really love the art and the story plot. There is  no doubt in my mind that the creative teamwork of Steve Niles and Damien Worm is the main reason why I will be coming back for the next installment. I loved how even the art was edged in darkness, but perfectly so that it didn’t take away from the detail in features and background.

The October Faction might had had a rocky start, but I believe the way the book is written allows for endless possibilities. I would love to see this family in new and exciting situations. As well as the new creatures that might be heading their way. I was a little unsure of Robot Face, but I loved how that ended. If you do not know about Robot Face then you must read The October Faction Volume 1 coming out August 15, 2015. You can find single issues leading up to eight already out.



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