‘Friends is Friends’ from First Second Books is a Dark Look at Friendship


cover77468-mediumFriends is Friends is not your typical story of companionship. Told in short vignettes, Greg Cook’s first book in years examines the strange transient nature of friendship and people. From an elephant bum to the ghost of a bear, Friends is Friends is one oddly illustrated story at a time, with all stories working together. The drawings are all done in black and white ink, some images creepier than others. The bum elephant happily drinks with under age pigs and at one point in time goes to live in her closet.

One of my favorite segments in Friends is Friends is when a young bear and a young pig both swear they is not stealing milk and cookies from the home. The two sit up all night, only to fall asleep and have a ghost bear steal all the cookies in the meantime.

Friends is Friends is not exactly a kid friendly book. While the book does have an overall whimsical nature, it does contain quite a bit of darkness. There are some alcoholic references in response to the bum and a giant pile of whiskey bottles. There’s a few vignettes that follow the past of the bum and a former relationship. The book works well for adults with a childish spirit, but save this one for the older crowd.

Friends Is Friends
is available August 16, 2016 from First Second Books.


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