Disney Channel Bunk’d: A Cute New Spinoff


bunkdThe Disney Channel has its up and down seasons. Some people will say the last good shows were back when That’s So Raven was still on the air. However, I was a huge fan of Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place, believing those to be just as good as some of the classics. I stepped away from Disney Channel for awhile at the end of those two shows and came back only to show my support for the cast of Boy Meets World in their spin off Girl Meets World. It took a while for Girl Meets World to grow on me a little, but I enjoy that it doesn’t fall  far into the crazy, over extreme wackiness that has become most Disney Channel shows. Lately I have been realizing that Disney has a hard time trying to find the balance between over the top and just perfect for a kid show.

bunkd-1Bunk’d is an example of a great balanced show. Not only is funny, a little crazy and wacky, but it doesn’t go over the top extreme where it just becomes annoying or dumb. This new show is a spin-off of the favorited show Jessie; and follows Emma (Peyton List), Ravi (Karan Brar), and Zuri (Skai Jackson) to a summer camp. The three are older now, then from the last time I watched the show but I am thrilled to see the character personalities are still just as amazing and loveable.

bunkd-ep1-012Not to mention there are new characters to round out the cast, to keep it fresh and interesting. Right now one of my favorite characters is Lou, a counselor and becoming a close friend to Emma. Lou is played by Miranda May and leaves me laughing through the whole show. Her personality and humor shines through the character, leaving Lou as unique as they come. Sure the character is over the top, but it is done with grace and sophistication leaving you no other choice but to fall in love with her.

Besides Lou, we are also introduced to Xander (Kevin Quinn), love interest to Emma and counselor to Ravi. While the Bunk'd_cast_and_characterspilot felt a little more surrounded around Xander and Emma, it is the group as a whole that really makes this show adorable and a family favorite.

The only characters I am having a hard time connecting with are Glady’s, the proprietor of the Camp and her niece Hazel, the head counselor. These two women are meant to be antagonists, but they are so pushed to the extreme that they become intolerable. I found it a little tough at times to get through their scenes.

Bunk’d has started with a splash, capturing a lot of fans as they premiered on July 31st along side with Descendants. Not only do you have fans from Jessie overjoyed that they get to see more of the siblings they have come to loved over the years, but this allows a great chance for new fans and maybe a few of us that fell our of Jessie to join back in. Head to your DVR now and start recording Bunk’d so you never miss an episode.




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