Angry Birds 2: Bigger and Better then Ever


angry_birds2 To be honest, I can’t even remember a game (besides the classic Snake) that I would play as often as I did Angry Birds. It didn’t hurt that no matter where you looked there was something with Angry Birds on it. However, trends fade and Angry Birds is no exception. It had been almost three years since I played my last round. That was until July 30th rolled around and Angry Birds 2 came smashing in with mixed reviews.

Angry-Birds-2-Image-1I was shocked to see how many fans of the original had turned their noses on the newly remodeled game. Sure, it isn’t the same thing from a few years ago, but it still is pretty amazing. I am loving the visual effects more then anything in this game. The colors are vibrant, the back scenes are detailed and the structures are even more elaborate then I ever could have imagined. This game sticks to the over all plot of evil pigs stealing eggs, while the birds work together to retaliate by creating havoc.

While I am obsessing over the new structures we get to destroy, I am a little sad that there isn’t the element of learning from past mistakes like in the first game. For example, if you do not pass the level and forced to repeat it, the structures will not be the same from the first round. I really liked being able to try and better your score and finding new, better ways to destroy structures. However, I do like this new set up, where you have more then one round per level. It makes you really think about what birds to save for future towers you might come up against, all the while trying to figure out how much damage you can cause to make sure you don’t run out of birds.

angry-birds2 2The structures are not the only thing that has changed in this game. Angry Birds 2 welcomes a new way of fighting with the birds. In the original game, you were just given a certain amount to use and if you didn’t kill all the pigs before you ran out, you would lose a life. But now in Angry Birds 2, you have to work to get your birds. In the top right corner there is a damage meter and the more you destroy, the quicker you will receive birds to help you take down buildings. The birds are more like playing cards you can choose to play against the towers. Besides the birds you can gather as you work through the levels, you are also able to pick up spells and use them in harder levels. So far my favorite spell is the Rubber Ducky because it literally just rains rubber duckies down onto the towers.

While Angry Birds 2 is different then the original, I personally am digging the new set up. I am not only interested again, but I’m playing it on a regular basis. If you haven’t already given this a try, go to your app store and download it and start playing. I promise, once you start, you won’t be able to stop until you are out of lives.




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