‘Card King: Dragon Wars’ is Addicting for all Ages and Gender


screen1136x1136I couldn’t sleep one night and I had run out of lives for the usual games of Farm Heroes, Candy Crush, Free Fall Frozen and AB POP! I took to the App Store in hopes to find something new and exciting. I have seen a few different apps surrounding the idea of battling card games, but never gave them the time of day. However, when I came across Card King: Dragon Wars the pictures sealed the deal and I have not been able to stop playing since.

Card King: Dragon Wars is a simple game where you battle NPCs or against other players in a dungeon type setting. us-ipad-1-card-king-dragon-warsYou can buy or collect characters, working up to build a surplus of creatures you can choose from. The awesome thing about this, is that if there area characters you don’t want you can merge them into a character you wish to keep, in efforts of making the one character stronger. If you do not want to do that, you can use the extra monsters you wish to get rid of and turn them into cards to play later. I love the ability to customize my own deck.

The way the game works is that once you have your creatures ready, each creature grants you different types of cards. Creatures are also divided up into different groups like fighter, healer, magic, and defenders. These creature types will help you figure out what is the best action to play. For example you probably wouldn’t want to use a card that deals magic attack to your fighter, when your magic creature has so many more points in that area. Each turn you can play cards that allow special features for energy points (energy points increase by 10 each round until you max at 100) or you can just attack by dragging your creature to your opponent. Either way, the set up allows you to strategize and plan your attacks as the game continues. By attacking someone you are rewarded by more cards, giving you better chances to win the battle.

us-iphone-3-card-king-dragon-warsAnother great feature is that there are daily missions and goals you can try to complete. One of the things that tends to kill games quickly is the fact that it is hard to stay current as the game continues to grow. For example in farming games, as you get higher in level things become more expensive, leaving you struggling to accomplish goals and continue. Card King Dragon Wars is not like that at all. Very rarely do I find myself frustrated with lack of supplies needed to meet goals. They offer so many options to keep growing and earning currency, that it allows the game to be what it is meant to be, fun. This game is just beyond amazing and I can’t wait to see where this is going to go. Now that this is all said and done, I have a battle I need to get back to!


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