Mission Impossible Escape Room: We Died in a Blast of FUN


11825159_10207670714954259_5243530140340203942_n“How was your day today?” Asked the clerk as I checked out.
I smiled, “Well today I became a secret agent and worked together to find the lost location of another agent. Sadly we lost some good men today.”
Rewarded with blank faces from the Clerk and Bagger,  I added. “In other words I went to the Mission Impossible Escape Room at AMC Century City.”

For twenty minutes I was living life with my team of four as we raced the clock to figure out a secret agent’s location. Filled with a few different puzzles, we did our best to stay organized and move quickly to find the clues. Sadly, we didn’t finish in time and were rewarded with the news that we had exploded.

I had never done an escape room before, but it has always been on my bucket list. I LOVE PUZZLES and Scavenger hunts, basically why any and all escape rooms are perfect for me. The tricky part is that it takes time to get started, and while we knew which puzzle needed to be accomplished first, we couldn’t really figure it out from there. Not to mention, twenty minutes is a very short amount of time to get things done.  I advise to always think of every possibility and don’t be afraid to go out of the box.

One of the down falls was that you need a black light to help you reach an important clue, but  with the bright lights above us and the inability to turn them off, we found using the black light was extremely difficult. But besides that issue, everything else was fun and thrilling. The Mission: Impossible Escape room is a perfect companion to the new movie Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation in theaters now.

You can find an Mission: Impossible Escape Room at select AMC IMAX® theatre locations in Boston, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. If you see one in a theater by you, don’t miss your chance to join in the fun. Maybe your team will be the ones to save the agent!


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