Parties and Presidential Campaigns in Morning Glories #47


MorningGlories47_CoverIt’s time for a party. As we approach the end of summer, the characters of the Morning Glories universe have a celebration of their own. Casey’s running for student body president, and with the help of Ike she plans on winning the election fair and square. Well, as fair and square as possible with Ike involved. Meanwhile, we get to see more of the minds of the Truants. In fact, despite the apparent focus of the issue being on the party, a majority of the time was spent on the various issues that were happening outside the four walls of the storehouse being used. No issue can be taken in a vacuum, Morning Glories #47 did a good job of directing and refocusing the various plotlines going on while still managing to advance the story. There was a good amount of time spent on most of the major plots, and yet we as readers got to see some progress on the Casey for student body president front.

While Morning Glories isn’t exactly known for being light-hearted, there was a good amount of humor in this particular issue. It was a nice break from the hyper-serious attitude that some of the recent issues have had. That’s not to say that there weren’t some very heavy things happening in the series. In fact, it’s the use of a very dark, twisted humor that manages to showcase just what is wrong with the school and some of the people in it. Readers who remember Pamela will remember her psychopathic yet chipper attitude acting as the first sign that not all the students are necessarily dissatisfied with their lot at the school. Isobel also helps remind the reader that while there are plenty of people who have the same wants and goals as the Glories, their end goal of escaping the school is not necessarily shared by the rest of the student body. That opposition will hopefully prove to make for an interesting conflict come the end of the election.

Joe Eisma and Nick Spencer have been doing a wonderful job building up the series issue by issue, answering just enough questions to keep things from being frustrating while still giving us question after question. While it’s certainly not a series for everyone, it’s one that I appreciate for its mix of action and story. Morning Glories #47 is available August 5th at comic book shops and online through Image Comics.


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