Paperback: A Game Where Scrabble Meets Deck Building


9414243_origOne of the amazing people I met at San Diego Comic-Con was Tim Fowers, video and board game developer. He was there showcasing his newest game Burgle Bros, along with Paperback. I was super excited to finally break open my copy as my friends gathered together on Saturday for a few quick games. Paperback is a card game where you make words out of the letters on your cards, ranking up points and cash. This cash is then used to buy more cards that might have an action on them, allowing you to earn more points or to change up your hand. The great thing about this game is that while there is spelling, spelling isn’t the full focus. The main point of the game is to score as many points as possible to buy Fame Cards. Fame Cards are awesome cards decorated with vintage artwork, portraying the different genres and classics in literature.

20150801_205411While it was a little hard at first trying to understand all the rules and add ones, we decided to just start simple. A great thing about Paperback is that there are different things you can add to the game to spoof it up and keep it fresh and exciting. These extras are up to you how you wish to play with them or like we did, leave them out for a game.

As we started to get a hang of it, we realized the game is a little on the slower side as people take a lot of time to form words. When we tried to figure out why that was happening, we chalked it up to only having three people playing. With this type of game, I would say more people are better. It allows more time for you to focus and plan ahead. Planning ahead is really important in this game. Knowing how to spell is great, but it really comes down on how you use the action cards to help you through.

a81c20966236913477dcffebf77cecac_largeWhile I am not a big speller, nor am I keen to spelling games, Paperback won me over with its artwork and unique spin.  It is unlike Scrabble where you were just out to see how many words you can make and rack up the points. In Paperback you are playing as Paige Turner as she works to finish her latest book. The artwork by Ryan Goldsberry livens up the game, leaving the players to show off the cards and catchy tag lines. My personal favorite is the Twilight Parody, “They would kill each other to win her love…..And she would let them…..”

20150801_215020This game is perfect for playing with the family and children (spelling practice never hurts). As well as killing some downtime with friends. This game is cute, clever, and pushes your imagination and spelling skills to the limit. I mean where else could I have possibly spelled “Go Prisoner”, leaving me the winner of the game!

Order your own copy through his site Fowers Games for $21.00 and help Paige Turner finish her book!



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