Batman Fluxx: Creepers are Taking Over


large-DCD679680Are you a Fluxx fanatic? Are you constantly talking in your Batman Voice? Well if so, then this is the game for you! (Today I am playing the part of a game host announcer, brought to you by my excitement of this new Looney Labs Fluxx edition). But seriously, this new edition of Batman Fluxx is out of this world.

So Fluxx is a card game that is constantly changing while you are playing it. While you start with draw one card and play one card, it usually doesn’t stay that way for long as you battle it out to be the first to reach the goal. Cards are divided up into different sections such as Keepers (characters that might match certain goal cards), Goals (list of keepers you need to win, once achieved game is over), Action (spices up the game), and Rule/Draw (change the rules and draw limits to whatever the card states). While Batman Fluxx is no exception, this game steps away from the rest by exploding with Creepers. Fluxx games in the past have played with Creepers before, but not to the full force that Batman Fluxx does. Creepers are a type of card in the game that as soon as you draw them you must play. The big fall to Creepers is usually you can’t win when they are in play unless the goal calls for them.

batmanfluxxpromo20150801_220708It makes total sense why Looney Labs has centered Batman Fluxx around the Creepers, because hello who the hell would Batman be if he wasn’t fighting kick ass villains like Ivy, Catwoman, Penguin, and the hundred of others that have filled the plot lines for decades.  There is a special promo going on with the launch of Batman Fluxx, you can get a Two-Face Flip card and coin through Game Trade Magazine issue 186, which is out now!

Another awesome promo is receiving a Clayface Creeper card if you get your game through a local gaming store. Supplies may run out, so hurry fast!

Fluxx is a game that can run long or really really quick. But no matter how long the game takes, you will be left having a blast. Batman Fluxx  will make you squeal as you come across villains, sidekicks, other characters, and of course gadgets. So send out the Bat Signal to your friends, head down to your local gaming store or check out Looney Labs website to pick up your copy of Batman Fluxx, and let the fun begin.



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