Exploding Kittens- The Game So Fun Even Cats Want In On It


20150801_230851Last week the internet exploded (well at least my Facebook feed did) as everyone started claiming their Exploding Kittens had arrived. So we did what any good human would do, we called a game night and busted out both the packs. Of course we started off a little tame with regular Exploding Kittens, but both packs left us laughing and gasping in joy over the different cards artwork. I mean The Oatmeal did do the illustrations, so how could they not be perfect.

20150801_225926Exploding Kittens is a quick and simple game, being the real enjoyment is seeing the variety in cards. The purpose of the game is to not explode, which creates this sense of anxiety as you work your way through the deck and flipping over cards. I think it is a very smart idea to allow each player to start with a Defuse card, giving them an actual chance to enjoy the game. In our two games, we didn’t seem to make a lot of pairs and really just focused on drawing and playing a few cards on each other. Between having someone take a card at random or flipping over a new card, both left me on the edge of my seat as if I feared I really was going to explode. This is really what makes the game fun and a treasure to play over and over again. It also brought me back to my childhood as I remembered the days of Don’t Wake Daddy. Except this is with cats and therefor a thousand times better.

20150801_225512So something I didn’t know about myself that I am quickly finding out, I am a full on sucker for creative box designs. Table Top gaming with the regular boxes are great, but when a game takes the time to added special elements to their packaging, it really just makes the game that much better. That is why right now Exploding Kittens packaging is by far the best thing I have ever seen. IT MEOWS!! (Well it meows when it wants to, sometimes it wouldn’t work.) But that still isn’t the best part of the box. One you take out the cards, it is a litter box! It’s so cute, creative, and totally made my day.

As the first game wrapped up, it was clear we needed another go. So we packed up the game, only to switch it out with the NSFW: Exploding Kittens. The concept is the exact same, with the only difference is the cards are ten times funnier and darker. While I loved the cards and we couldn’t stop smiling and joking about the crazy things we were seeing, I would have liked more cats in this edition. The artwork and creativity that went into making such things like Taco Cat and Watermelon Cat, just made this game so enjoyable that I missed seeing such creativity with the NSFW: Exploding Kitten edition.

This game is a must for everyone who loves cats and loves a great laugh. Add Exploding Kittens to your next game night either be with family, friends, or strangers. Everyone will get a kick out of this game and if not, they will defiantly get a kick out of the meowing litter box package it came in.

I know this game just came out last week, but I really need more. So…ummm….Exploding Kittens people…..when do expansions come out? (There must be expansions!)



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