Second ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ Reboot Announced


New Line Cinema has announced they are headed towards a new Nightmare On Elm Street reboot, a mere six years after its first attempt.  It shouldn’t be a surprise audiences are mixed.

Freddy Robert


The boogeyman to end all boogeymen is a staple of horror fans everywhere, joined with Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees as the Three Tenors of Terror.  But when Freddy Krueger rebooted six years ago, it definitely was with a whimper, not a scream.  Clearly a cash grab to draw in fresh blood, the remake was confusing, glitzy and committed the cardinal rule of entertainment; it bored.  The new Freddy, Watchmen star Jackie Earle Haley, was a well-cast actor, but even he could not resurrect this film from the depths of Hollywood glamour.

Freddy Jackie

This time, Haley will not be returning in exchange for a “younger actor,” (How young? They remember he was never a spring chicken, right?) audiences will be trepidatious with this second shot at rebooting Krueger. It’s not impossible – Spiderman 3 did beget The Amazing Spider-Man, Ang Lee’s Hulk didn’t smash Norton’s The Incredible Hulk, – but it also isn’t an easy feat. In this world of reboots, it will take a lot to impress. But with promising news with projects like 2013’s Evil Dead and Raimi and Campbell’s Ash vs. Evil Dead, it isn’t unheard of. How can the House The Freddy Built come back from the dead? Only time will tell.

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