Shiver and Shake on Myx TV Announces August Offerings


Into Asian Cinema? Love Horror? Myx Channel has announced it’s film choices for the next few Fridays for “Shiver and Shake.”
unnamed (2)– Film: Vanished Girl in the Woods
– Premieres: August 7 at 8/7c
– Girls are disappearing in the woods. A courageous mother confronts the supernatural horrors of the forest in search of her daughter in this atmospheric thriller.




unnamed– Film: Shirome
– Premieres: August 14 at 8/7c
– A Horror mockumentary starring J-idol group, Momoiro Clover. The group is asked to visit a haunted school that houses ‘Shirome’, a wish granting diety. Their wishes are then granted with soul snatching consequences.




unnamed (1)– Film: The Unseeable
– Premieres: August 21 at 8/7c
– A tale of love and horror that brings together two unsuspecting ladies. Nuan Jan, a rural girl in serach of her long lost love, runs into Ran Juan, a rich mysterious widow. Rumors about around town about her lover who they say is not even human.



unnamed (2)– Film: The Evil Twin
– Premieres: August 28 at 8/7c
– So-yeon awakens from 10 year coma, with no memory of the tragic drowning of her sister. As ominous events and deaths accumulate, So-yeon begins to discover the terrible secret that haunts her and her family.


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