‘The Walking Dead’ Claws Back into Universal Horror Nights


Walking Dead HHN

A crowd favorite and near-staple of Halloween Horror Nights comes back from the dead once again. It was announced recently that a crowd favorite and near perennial experience at the seasonal event will return to highlight memorable moments from Season 5 of AMC’s hit show, The Walking Dead.

Features will include the Terminus and our classic “Walkers” of course, as well as Del Arno Warehouse where the Darryl and Aaron fight off a massive number of the not-so-recently deceased. Along with Terminus there will of course be a new maze as well. “The Walking Dead: Wolves Among Us” will reportedly be the “biggest, longest and most gruesome maze” ever built, with brand new Walkers yet unseen at either park. In Orlando, there will be a recreation of the flooded food bank, featuring hundreds of gallons of water.

To get a taste, check out the trailer below and be sure to follow on all forms of social media using #UniversalHHN on Facebook at Halloween Horror Nights – Hollywood, Instagram, Twitter and Periscope @HorrorNights.  Add username HorrorNights on Snapchat, for nightly live content and watch the terror come to life on Halloween Horror Nights YouTube.

The Walking Dead will start its sixth season in October, just in time to get you amped up to come to Universal and take on some Walkers yourself. Until then, you can visit “The Walking Dead” starting September 18th at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights in both Hollywood and Orlando.


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