Mistress of Death Review: ‘Ghosts of Lincoln’ Covers Why Our 16th President is So Supernaturally Popular


cover63656-medium (1)Abraham Lincoln is famous for many things: The Emancipation Proclamation, his presidency during the Civil War and also his visions and appearances after death. In the new book Ghosts of Lincoln, author Adam Selzer explores the stories behind Lincoln’s many after death appearances, his visions of his own death and the role of spiritualism during his presidency.

in Ghosts of Lincoln Selzer is careful to point out where stories turn more into verbally polluted fiction. Lincoln  is, after all, seen almost as often as Marilyn Monroe when it comes to ghosts. He points out when a rumor of a vision only came to light after Lincoln’s death and which premonitions may have just been bunk. However, Selzer does not come out against the possibility of the paranormal; he merely explains what needs to be taken away to clarify what is real and what is not.

Selzer uses an equal blend of historical fact and the importance of spiritualism and the Civil War in the rise of ghostly myths and legends regarding Abraham Lincoln. Whether

Ghosts of Lincoln is now available from Llewellyn Worldwide.


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