Dungeon Roll: Some Luck, Some Strategy, and A Lot of Fun


DungeonRoll-bitsDungeon Roll is a game I have had my eye on for a LONG TIME! It’s no secret that I love dice games; Craps and I are like best buds. When I stumbled across Tasty Minstrel Games and laid eyes on the beauty that is Dungeon Roll I just had to buy it. It also never hurts when a game comes in a very awesome themed package and small enough that it slips into my purse for boring moments.

But enough of me gushing over the small things and lets dive deep into the amazing, awesomeness that is Dungeon Roll. The best thing about this game is it’s quick to pick up and doesn’t require a lot of memorizing rules. If you forget something, it is usually on the card that is handed out to each player before the game begins. I think one of my favorite elements of this game is that you are battling your luck against your friends. While you are rolling the dice to gather your team before entering into the dungeon, your friend (person to your left) gets to roll the other set of dice determining what your team will face on each floor you wish to explore. I love that this creates something the player doesn’t have control over, making the game even more exciting and fun.

dungeonroll_partyleadersBesides the little cards that explain the rules and what person in your party can kill what, you are also handed a character card. The artwork on these cards are fabulously detailed. I love that instead of being stuck with one character, if you play the game well you can work quickly to flip the card over and achieve an extra/better bonus. Each card is special in their own way, allowing players to really think about their turns and how they wish to continue. There are a few different expansion packs for Dungeon Roll, adding new characters to the mix and add new elements to your game.

Dungeon Roll is the perfect game to kill time or refresh between longer games. Usually at my game nights, depending on how many people show up, we might be playing a few different games. This is why I love Dungeon Roll. If someone is looking to wait around to join next game, but nervous about getting caught up in a long game, they can just pull out the treasure chest of Awww that is Dungeon Roll. Time flies by as you dive deep, but be careful not to get to cocky and end up dead.

You can get Dungeon Roll at any local game store, amazon, or Tasty Minstrel Games website. Don’t forget to check out some of their other great games, as well as the expansion packs for Dungeon Roll.




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