ScareLA 2015 Vendors Offer Tricks and Treats


Panels and horror experiences at Scare LA are fun, but the real action is on the Vendor floor. While the Decayed Brigade slid across the floor and screams were heard left and right, one could find costumes, props, and home items throughout the entire convention floor. We’ve broken them down here into various categories to make it easier to get a feel for the vendors.

Here were a few of our favorites:

Costumes and Props

Dapper Cadaver

photo 4 (16)When I say I love these people, I need you all to know I certainly mean it. Dapper Cadaver has rented items to television shows and movies, including Supernatural. They have coffins, giant horse demon creatures, tombstones and pretty much anything you need to creep out your friend and family all year round. Oh, and they are wonderful people too!

Visit them at



Froggy’s Fog

photo 3 (6)_640x480Froggy’s Fog is pretty well known for their show stopping effects. Now partnered with Blue Haze entertainment, they offer lighting effects and full screens for extreme haunts. They also offer scent effects. Wants a part of your maze to smell like burning flesh or decomposition? They’ve got that. I tested it, and it smells too much like the real thing.  “Decomposition” smell made a friend and I skip lunch.

Visit them at



Designer Gore

If you are deeply serious about your gore makeup, Designer Gore is a great place to check out. Their offerings include fake blood spills, a terrifyingly realistic chainsaw prop, special molds to make your own latex facial pieces and professional curing ovens. They were also just cool people.

Visit them at

Extreme Makeup FX

Extreme Makeup FX offers a really cool type of latex that can be reheated and used a few times before it’s time to discard it. Not only were their products perfect for the serious makeup artist, as well as the weekend horror cosplayer, they genuinely have a passion for costuming and Halloween.

Visit them at

Halloween Psycho

photo 2 (12)_640x480Halloween Psycho does custom decor, including a giant guillotine, complete with bowling pins at the bottom for a rolling head to knock over (and it works!). They offered an electric chair, coffins and other Halloween decor for the serious Halloween fan. They are happy to build custom prop coffins as well.

Visit them at!home/mainPage




Inferno Effects

Love a really well constructed scary mask, but don’t want to break the bank to get one? Inferno Effects offers an insane selection of half and complete masks, including one that was covered with fake teeth. The owner and creator of the masks hand paints and installs additional effects to each mask. He also does custom work for hire and is genuinely fun to talk to.

Visit them at


A Corpse Maker

photo 4 (8)_640x480These people were AWESOME. Not only were we allowed to walk in and look around without fear, they had an undead Santa Claus that really freaked me out. The proprietor made a costume for his then pregnant wife of a child eating its way out of it’s mother, which he was proudly displaying at the booth. Talk about creeptastic.

Visit them at




Carnevale Obscura

photo 5 (3)_640x480Carnevale Obscura had a really cool collection of masks, including the famed eye-less man from Pan’s Labyrinth and Pinhead from Hellraiser.  They don’t have a whole lot going on with their website yet, but this place promises many creepy masks and props to come.

Visit them at or follow their Instagram at




Horror for the Home


Bloodbath is the type of Etsy store for folks who want to smell pretty, but still get a kick out of some crazy names.  The company offers product like lip “Embalm” and “Morbid Moisture” lotions.  All their products are vegan and organic, with no paraben or artificial colors.

You can visit their store at and follow their Instagram @BloodBathProducts

Deadly Grounds

photo 2 (17)Deadly Grounds is the coffee company for horror fans. Roasted in small batches, this coffee is flavor town. If you’ve got a weak stomach, be careful; the front cover of their bags has a picture of feet with a toe tag, or in some cases Satan.

You can visit their store at




photo 1 (15)_640x480The Cake Countess

When I say that I want these people to make my cake for a hypothetical wedding, I want you to know I’m serious. This sentiment was uttered by almost every female horror fan that walked by the booth. The Cake Countess makes original style cakes, and does it with serious flair. While they are happy to make a non-horror cake, I was deeply taken by their selections.

They are by appointment only, so make sure to reach out to them via



CranieYums started when the head crafter was stopped multiple times at Bats Day in Disneyland by people asking where to buy her adorable skull bows.  Their options are cute and colorful.

Visit them here

Falcon Eye Studios

If Taxidermy and specimens are more your thing, Scare LA had you covered with Falcon Eye Studios. Preserved bats, butterflies, insects and even a red piranha were on display for purchase. As someone to loves collection specimens, this was one of my favorite booths.

You can visit their online store at


Sticky Candy made the convention a little bit sweeter. With candy bar options labeled with Hellboy and other famous figures. Sticky makes their candy themselves, and even dressed as a zombie, the confectioner happily handed over candy samples to the general public. Spoiler alert: the candy is excellent and all made locally. They do special orders as well.

You may visit them at

The Charming Violet

The Charming Violet was a bright happy spot in a sea of black clothing and blood splatters. Her wigs and additions were fantastic for Disney Cosplayers and those who really wanted pretty looking horns that weren’t covered with fake blood.

You may visit them at


While I an definitely not a fan of spirit boards and planchettes, their fire dust was EXCELLENT. The fire dust is a powder that when sprinkled over flame creates brilliant golden sparks. They were more than happy to show me how it worked.  However, if you’re into spirit boards Fiendies can’t be beat with their selection as well as custom creation abilities.

You may visit them at  or follow them on Instagram at

Sick Soaps

photo 1 (13)_640x480Sick Soaps makes…well, sick soaps. Lovers of Disney’s Haunted Mansion can get a logo soap, or for the truly twisted there are soaps designed to look like fetal skulls. For those spooky kids, Sick Soaps also makes soaps with zombie toys in them so kids want to use soap when they take a bath.  For the nerds in us all, the have Star Wars soaps too.

You may visit them at




Akumu Ink

I’ma big fan of cute horror items, including adorable skulls. Akumu Ink was just my style. They offered t-shirts, pins, bags as well as prints from the artist, Joey. I bought some super cute buttons. They travel to conventions all over the country as well. Look out San Antonio, they are headed to Alamo Con next.

You may visit them at

The Mighty Squirm

If Tesla, Poe and other Gothic-Historical figures are your favorite, The Mighty Squirm has a t-shirt for you. Capturing more of the romantic elements of horror, this store offered t-shirts and prints, as well as free postcards featuring Tesla being a badass.

You may visit them at


Overall, we had a blast on the Vendor floor.


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